👋 I’m a senior product designer at Stack Overflow. This week I attended Front Utah. I chose this conference because I’m growing more interested in the business and product management side of being a product designer. Going to a product management conference seemed like overkill, so I was happy to find Front’s mix of user experience and product management. On top of that, the case study format showed what each concept looks like in practice. Each presenter talked about things that actually happened on their teams. Super tactical.

Letting go of process and accepting controlled chaos

Wade Shearer, Workfront

Your product is only as good as your teamwork

Maggie Crowley, Drift

Radical collaboration and trust; breaking down silos and building products at scale

Kim Williams, Indeed

Who will build the next million products?

Vlad Magdalin, Weblow

Designing Change

Matt Ström, Bitly

  1. Infinite possibilities, how do I align? Address this by creating a north star and using it as a compass, not a map. There are more wrong directions than right ones.
  2. Doubt. What’s the plan? Overcome this by realizing the map is not the territory. Complicated (many known parts) is not the same as complex (lots of unknowns).
  3. Diminishing returns. How do I keep going? To maintain momentum and enthusiasm, ship small and fast, constantly adjust course, update feedback loops.

Blind spots and bents: Designing around your product biases

Samantha Warren, Adobe

Designing a modular onboarding system

Cindy Chang, Intercom

The incumbents dilemma: How large organizations are being disrupted by their own assumptions

Thor Ernstsson, Alpha

The business value of design

Mark Rawlins, Vivint

Wade Shearer on stage.

I plan, prototype, & publish for the web & email. Design @StackOverflow. +1 hockey, snowboarding, soccer, skepticism, Newcastle, Troy McClure quotes.

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